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Thank You Too, Bee-Yotch!

Jeebus. Finished Packing my office today. Not much left to do at the Mighty Big Clam Plaza

Just got home from downtown. In a roundabout way.

Stopped with a friend after work for some cheap (cheap for downtown Houston anyway) beers. Left downtown and decided I didn’t want to face leftovers so was gonna stop and get dinner.

Phoned a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long time and that turned into a 40 minute conversation in the parking lot of the restaurant I stopped at.

He’s doing really well. Retired a while back. Had a nasty bout with colon cancer and for the last 6-7 years was wearing a bag. He had surgery in January where they rebuilt a colon for him. Astonishing! So no more bag. He hated that damned thing. Only issue he really has is having to crap 4 to 7 times a day. But he’s loving every minute of life.

Talked some about my upcoming life changing event. And made tentative plans to get together this weekend. Also talked about getting old, medical insurance, medicare, and social security. And other fun stuff. Jeebus! Am I really that old?

After we hung up, I went about the business of having dinner. I just hate to be in a restaurant or something and the person at the next table spends the entire time of your meal bullshitting on the phone. So I try not to do that.

Finished my meal and drove to the apartment. I was walking down the hall to my place and I noticed one of the neighbors had left their keys in the lock.

I went ahead and unlocked my door and put my stuff in the apartment. Then walked back down and rapped on her door.She asked who it was and I told her. She swung the door open and started cussing me out!

I practically had to shout over her yelling, “Forchrissakes! I just wanted to let you know you left your keys in the goddamned lock!” And turned on my heel and strode down the three doors to my place.

That shut her down fairly quickly and right before I slammed MY door I heard a little “Oh...

Try to do the right thing and what?!

I wanted to say, “Look lady! I guarantee you I had a WORSE FUCKING DAY THAN YOU DID! BITE ME!

I’ve changed clothes now and settled a bit. Jeebus, I’m tired...
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