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Hot Outside Today

So over to Fry’s I went. I was after a new fan for the bedroom as the box fan doesn’t seem to be doing much for me. And some Higher capacity DVD - R’s so as to try out this new drive I’ve got.

I was passing through the vacuum cleaner aisle and two attachments for my vacuum cleaner fell off of the shelves and into my cart.

This kind of stuff happens all the time at this store... Got them for 10 bucks less (each!) than I could have on the dyson Web site. I’d say that’s a SCORE!

Mission accomplished there, on the way home I realized I need BEER! Stopped at the grocery store. Figured I get beer, and some bread and some OJ and milk.

Before I knew what was happening, some applesauce, macaroni salad, grands biscuits, cinnamon rolls, cheese, tostitos, raisins, a jar of honey, peanut butter, some chocolate donettes, and a jar of Nutella jumped in my cart as well.

Jeebus! I was too tired to argue with them...

On the way back home, I realized my four wheel cart was not with me. Had the two wheeler though. But...

Popped the trunk once I got parked I was not relishing the thought of walking half a block with all this stuff. Lo and behold there was a broken down (flat) file box in the trunk. Hoo-Frickin’-Ray!
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