TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Yesterday After Work

What would you have done?

As you may or may not know...I do not suffer fools, or beggars gladly.


I was standing on the street after work, well not in the street, but you know what I mean. I was waiting for a bodysnatcher to come by...Got my shades and headphones on. This usually serves to discourage all but the most brazen beggars. No eye contact. If they cannot see your eyes, they cannot tell if you are paying attention or not. And with good tunes blasting in my ear I can usually ignore fools.

Looking up the street, I see this guy round the corner down the block. He is pushing a stroller with a small child in it...Looks a little worried from what I can tell. You can usually tell by body language, etc...At any rate, as he gets closer to me, I can see he is REALLY worried. And of course, he stops to talk to me...He doesn't look like a bum, and the child in the stroller appears to be happilly chattering and gurgling away. 


Of course, I can't hear a word he is saying, so I pull a headphone off, "What?!?"

"I don't suppose there is any chance you have a couple extra dollars (WTF!?!? Does anyone really have any spare money?) you can spare? You see, I lost my wallet, and I'm just trying to get me and my daughter home on the bus...."

I look him in the eye. I can't really detect anything dishonest about him. I usually have good intuition about these things. I look his kid over. Look him over again. (this takes place of course, in less than 2 - seconds)

What the hell else could I do? I smiled at the child, reached into my pocket and pulled out most of the change I had and dumped it into her Daddy's hands...There must have been between 3 and 5 dollars there. 

When I looked up at his face he said, "Thanks! This should do it!" And moved on down to the bus stop and boarded the next bus!
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