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Crunch Toast and Other Cooking Follies

Crunchy Bread and My Gram

Grammy had this thing she did with bread in the oven. She called it Crunch Toast. Put a few slices of bread into a preheated oven and let it bake until it was crunchy. Let it cool for a bit. Slather with butter. ENJOY!

Haven’t thought about that stuff for ages. Till lately. I thought surely Gram wasn’t the only one who did this. Googled for ‘Crunch Toast’ this morning. Nothing that really came close was in the list of hits.

Thought about it some more and then it hit me. Crunch toast was about the same consistency as croutons. SCORE! Except you can leave out ALL the ingredients... Except for bread of course.

Called for a temperature of 225F. And bake for 15 minutes, then flip. Another 15 and... Voilà!

But no. Think it took me about an hour, in 15 minute increments to get it right at that temp. But it did work. I figure a lot has to do with the texture of the bread, thickness of the slices. I was using a thin sliced italian loaf. Gram used to use some pepperidge farms variety that (if memory serves) was sliced a lot thinner.

So next time I think I’ll try it at about 300F and see what happens. Some crouton recipes I saw called for a temp of 350F.

I did get what I wanted so SCORE!! It just took a little longer than it should. Plus now, should I ever want to, I can make my own croutons! **grins**


Beef! It’s What’s For Dinner

Got a couple of ribeye steaks marinating in the fridge. Once it cools down some outside (or the sun gets over the building) , I’ll pack up my portable grill, the macaroni salad I bought the other day and a pot of baked beans I can cook down to the pool area and make my self a little dinner.

Decided I just go ahead and cook both steaks. I can have the other one for dinner sometime this week with a little rice or mashed potatoes and a veg.

Must also take a few beers down as well. Swimmin’ and cookin’ is thirsty work.

My marinade? Some worcestershire sauce, a little vegetable oil, a tablespoon of brown vinegar or two and a pinch of salt. Herself used to use a base of italian salad dressing that I didn’t much care for. So we’ll see what this concoction does for the meat.

Could turn out terrible... But I don’t think so.

So whatchyallhavin’?
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