TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Hi! Is This the Helpdesk?

Stopped by the apartment office this afternoon on my way to get the mail.

The leasing manager (a friend) was bitching about the renewals for August. He had like 24 to send out.
Is there anyway to get my info from Excel into my Word Document? Otherwise I’ll be here till after 9PM!

Boy (he’s 23-24 so I can say that) is about as computer literate as a fence post! How can you be that age and not have at least SOME skills with a PC? My kids all do. But maybe it was the environments in which they were raised... This kid’s Dad was a Mover for United Van Lines or something.

Yes there is my young Padawan,” I replied. I explained the benefits of a mail merge.

Been a long time since I had done a mail merge. So I had him start help in Word. “F1 is your friend, boy!

I read rather quickly through the help files for this. He followed along... About that time the complex manager buzzed him on the intercom as she was concerned about confidentiality. I had already thought about this and had him copy the data I was going to teach him with into a separate Spreadsheet.

Just Tenant Name and Unit Number. I poked my head into her office and explained I was no idiot and had the situation in hand. “It was not YOU I was worried about.” Heh.

So we (I) did a quick dry run and printed one off. He was delighted. Then I CLOSED THE FILES without saving that we had been using. Not so happy about that, he wasn’t. I explained that if he didn’t DO IT, he probably would not GET IT. He had been watching me when I did my thing and MS Word mostly walks you through the process anyway.

So he did his thing. Man! You should have seen the lightbulb come on!
OMG! T you are the greatest! I can put all this pricing and rates stuff in here and all?


How did you figure that out so fast?

Not my first rodeo, son. Not by a long shot.” Didn’t tell him I used to live in the help files. ANd it helps when you’ve written documentation for this kind of stuff...

Remember [F1] is your friend. Barring that, if you get stuck, call me. You’ve got my digits...”

When the light comes on and your student (for lack of a better term) gets it and realizes the implication of other applications of the technology is just the greatest feeling!

Ok man, remember to make copies of your files and use them instead of the originals so in case something goes wrong you still have a good set of documents to work from. Think you can do it?

Oh yeah,” says he.

Then my work here is done! I said as I left the office... I never got a call either...Hehe.
Tags: 42, apartment life
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