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Got a note from apt mangement yesterday. Basically:

"Renovations are complete. And we will be taking pictures on Wednesday. We would like for you to move all the items on your patios into your apartment by Tuesday night. Any items left on patios will be carefully placed in your apartment on Wednesday morning."

Uh yeah. So this is what my living room looks like now:

See that hint of patio chairs on the right side of the photo? Yeah. I just stubbed the hell out of my foot blundering by those! OUCHIE!!

Since I had to drop the leaf (?) on my dining room table to get that shelf unit in here, I couldn't use it to eat my two pieces of toast. Inadvertently left one slice with nutella teetering on he edge of the coffee table. Imagine my dismay as it fell off that surface onto the carpet! It seemed to fall in slow motion, teetering on it's edge. As I reached down between my legs to snatch it up, it plopped over. Of course the down-side was the one spread with the chocolatey goodness. **sigh**

I ate the toast anyway. Of course. 2 second rule!

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