TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Southside Place, USA

On my way home from somewhere (don’t remember and it ain’t relevant to this anyway) the other night. I had to pass through this little snip of a Town on the way back to the house.

Cruising eastbound on Bellaire, was going to make a southbound right on to Stella Link. There’s a SSP cop sitting about half a block back from the intersection in a left turn lane.

I go past him, and all of a sudden he cuts across FOUR LANES (no lights or siren) of active traffic to pull in behind me.

I can see the sonsuvabeeyotchs are running my plates...WTF!? I haven’t looked suspicious enough to cause that kind of reaction for YEARS! The cop riding shotgun is trying to bore a hole in my rear window he is looking at it so hard. Then I remembered where I physically was... Shit.

I admit ~ Cops are generally NOT my friends. Never had one do ANYTHING good for me. Not ONCE...

Racking my brain trying to think what the hell could be wrong:
Inspection - Check
Tags - Check.
Reasonable haircut - Check.
Andawholebunchaotherstuff! Check, check, check and CHECK!

Bear in mind this took the space of probably less than 2.2 seconds. Nice adrenalin surge there, T’s!

Then I look down and I forgot to fasten my seatbelt. Quickly rectify that and about 5 seconds later, the cop car makes a left turn to make a Uturn, from the right lane! Across the inside lane. This causes the five cars that were rightfully in the left lane to slam on their brakes one after another. ASSHOLES!!

I forget that crap frequently close to home (Yes, I KNOW the STATISTICS and YES I KNOW there is a law to wear it. And I usually do. Oh and YES ~ I know I was in the WRONG!).

I guess cops in Houston, or Bellaire, or even Katy out in the hinterlands where I had my last house are too busy chasing REAL CRIMINALS to be bothered.

I hate City of Southside Place Cops. Not too fond of the City itself. Calling itself a city is quite the friggin’ stretch anyway. More like a teeny village sandwiched between the City of Bellaire, West University Place, And Houston.

How the hell they ever managed to incorporate is a mystery to me. The Research Complex I used to work at over here is right smack dab in the middle of this podunk urban excuse for a village. The cops were forEVER hassling employees as they pulled in or out of the facility.

Writing tickets seems to be their main source of revenue. And the cops are some of the most aggressive in the area.

Tags: 42, life liberty & the pursuit of happiness, rants
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