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Could Y'all Make This a Little MORE Difficult?

Got an IM from my US Administrative Manager. She has a dotted line to me and my US team mate as we apparently are not competent enough to look after ourselves.

She’s the Manager for the US Helpdesks. Picked us up when they folded my team in with the Application Support Desk and told us we were now Support desk analysts. We are not Support Desk Analysts. Move made no sense whatsoever.

She had exactly one meeting with us. Tried to tell us what her expectations were. All three of us told her at the time we had been left out in the cold for so long we were used to running the Americas team ourselves. We made sure all the bases were covered for vacation, illness, etc.

She also tried to move us to a different location. I was prepared for this and had taken my apartment near to the new location. My team, however, did not wish to go. Once the announcements were made about the offshoring exercises, my team mates protested the move as an unnecessary waste of money. She nonetheless was adamant about moving us. Until we talked to HER Manager.

I used to work directly for this person back when she was a lead. We have never really gotten along. She just didn’t like my style, I guess. And me being me, I flat out refused to conform. Not really relevant to this post. Or maybe it is.

Back to yesterday ~ Popped me an IM asking if I was available for a confab. I of course said yes. And gave her my cell number.

“Are you working out of the office?”

“I am at home, yes”


She basically had been asked to make sure I was handling (or to handle them herself) all my Offboarding tasks.

She tried to make some small talk and act as if she were concerned about my well being, blah, blah, blah. Knowing her as I do, I knew it was a complete line of bullshit. I could tell she was really uncomfortable with this conversation. Much as I liked seeing her (even virtually) twisting and squirming, I don’t have the time or the patience for this. She was really walking on eggshells.

Uncharacteristic behavior for her. Usually blunders right in where angels fear to tread. Kinda like myself. This might be why we never got along. Too much alike. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Can’t be it.

So finally:

“R, look, I am Okay with this. Not happy about it, but I’m dealing with it. So stop tip-toeing around it like I’m a case of eggs or something. Jesus!”

She was alright with that. Not that it mattered.

What am I gonna do with my laptop, calling card, credit card, etc?

        Already made arrangements for the computer equipment.
        Already cut my calling card up.
        The credit card I shredded last week.

Is your time recorded?

        Yes, my time is in. I’ve checked it for accuracy and confirmed it.
        Note went to HR on Monday as requested.

Oh and what about your smartcard? Could you bring it by my office?

        Your office might as well be in another state!
        Besides the last thing I want         to do after I’ve been released is drive to another Big Clam location that I used         to work at and run the gauntlet through a bunch of people that I know and         used to work with.
        No thanks.
        And I’ve already cleared with our admin to confiscate it and         mail it to you.

I’m thinking I’ll keep it though. Shit, they are gonna (or should) deactivate it on July 1 anyway. Where’s the harm? What are they gonna do? Fire me?


She asked some about “The Package” details. WTF!? How can she not know all this. WTF?! Talked about how lucky I was to be able to keep a lot of my benefits (since I am retirement eligible). Again WTF!?

        Uhh yeah, if I’m so goddam lucky, why don’t YOU frickin’ try it?

We talked about my other team mate who is on vacation this week. She wished me luck and we finally rang off.

After that of course, I got an email (I was CC’d) from her to all the people we talked about, parroting what I told her. They already knew for chrissakes!

Plus some Application Support Lead (I have no idea who this person is) was included to make sure all my “other” offboarding tasks were completed. Riiiiiiiight. How the fuck are you gonna do that?

Jesus! Come ON! Let’s get it over with already! Shit! I’m sick of all this craaaaaaaap! This place has turned out to be such a hell hole over the last couple of years, thanks to management actions and decisions, I am (almost) glad to be GTFO!

Just give me the money and the rest of the shaft and let me be on my merry way. You’ll be happier and BELIEVE me, so will I!

Had a few emails and IM’s from (well meaning) folks telling me that most of the people they know that were severed have been able to find jobs where they were happier. Most are also astounded they are turning me out.

I know they mean well but...

NO FUCKING SHIT!? Puh-leeeease! A lot of places , almost anyplace, would be better that the crap I’ve been through here in the last 6-8 months or had to put up with via The Asian Overlord over the last year or two!

I’d have to be crazy or destitute or BOTH to work for another guy like him.



Oh yeah iPhone update... Bricked my damned phone. Doing a restore and DO OVER!
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