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Wait! I Know That Feeling...

Was a nice light rain here this morning. Seems to have held the temperature down a bit, if not the humidity.


Woke up this morning with a seriously stiff back. Been a while for that. It is an old familiar feeling. Same feeling I got when I needed to buy a new mattress set. Or slept so soundly that I barely moved. I’m betting it was the latter.

Also a clue that I need to get more exercise. *sigh* As if my big belly didn’t tell me that shit already.


Now that I am basically resigned to, and accepting (I’m almost happy about this) of the fact that this is my last full week with The Big Clam, I seem to be sleeping better. Not waking up in the middle of the night, either. Might be sleeping a little longer too. Must be sleeping sounder ~ See above point.

Getting kicked out of a job and I’m experiencing less stress?! That really says something about my mental state. But which one? Former or latter? I’m inclined to think is more about the frickin’ JOB that I am getting away from!

Fact are facts ~

I haven’t been happy with The Big Clam for several years at least. As some of y’all have pointed out.

I also was seriously unhappy with my personal lot in life. That was extremely apparent. Take a look at most of my posts pre August of last year.

Conclusion: Change is good. If you are ready for it. But sometimes we just don’t get a choice. Sometimes we just don’t know when we are ready. Or IF we are ready. I have to believe I’m ready. Finally...


The damned keyboard on my mac keeps dropping the second “t” in words. Been doing it for quite sometime too. Irritating.
That’s Not a bug ~ It’s a feature!!


Not much going on for me at work. AND it’s my Friday off tomorrow.

I’m betting my next job will not have 9/80’s. Or even much flex time. I’m gonna miss that.

That said, now that I know the amounts of the severance payments and the percentage of the tax (FIT and FICA) to be withheld, and the approximate amount of the loan balance I have with the company (This was a no interest emergency loan after Hurricane Ike that the company made available. THAT comes off the top, of course) I can figure out a budget for the rest of the year. And into February.

But DUDE! All that crap (Taxes and that damned loan) coming off the top is a serious amount of cash. If I’m gonna make that stretch I’ll have to be careful. The taxes alone are 32%.

And I just realized (OMG) my last actual paycheck is next week! If they wait 4 weeks to pay my vacation and that first severance check it will be a mighty slim July as far as money goes. Jeebus! I could be in trouble here. The last year has not been kind to me financially.

All will be well, TexasT’s, all will be well...
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