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Dang It! Now Where Did i Put that Manual...

I downloaded one...On this mac somewhere! For a cheap little thermostat it has some nice programming features. Or I think so anyway. Never had a programmable digital one in any of the houses or other apartments I lived in. And I have the NERVE to call myself a geek!

I need to fully grok the thing. There is some odd temperature time zones going on in here.

I need to hack this thermostat... Whoever programmed it before I moved in must have been having hot flashes in the afternoon and later in the evening.

Some of these choices I get. Ok 84F during the day when no one is supposed to be here. Great! Starts at about 8:00 in the morning.

But drops to 75 at around 4:30. Brrrrrr. I don’t need to be that chilled most of the time.

I usually boost it to like 78 if I’m here by myself. Lower if there’s company.

One part they had right though. Temperature at 76F. at midnight. I likes it nice and cool at night.

Of course I think the manual was written in Chinese - translated to Korean or something and then into Engrish!
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