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So iPhone OS4.

While I like a couple of the features:
Email - I really like the way the app stacks things in Gmail. It actually acts more like Gmail does. This is a welcome feature.
Folders - This is rather cool too. You can group programs in “folders”. This is just about the same as grouping your apps by screens. I tended to do that. Folders let you accomplish the same thing, just with less screens to swipe through.

Settings - The settings tweaks are well thought out for the most part and welcome. More detailed controls. Good thing.

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten on my 3G. These are all good things. But?

There is something that is just about a deal breaker - the speed. Most of the (non native or 3rd party) apps on my phone load so much slower it is almost like having a first gen Edge connection.

Gonna see if I can get over this speed bump. If not, I’ll have to look into downgrading the firmware on this thing. Jesus. The speed thing is irritating.
Tags: apple, email, google, ical, iphone, mail.app, mailplane, mbp
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