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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye!

To you and you, and you and you and you!

Was a helluva lot easier than I thought it was gonna be. I guess I was just ready. Or I’m in shock.

Today was all right. Fairly easy to do until right at the end when someone I’m fond of started to get a little soggy. Then I started to tear up. Got a grip and told her to just stop. No rough emotions, please. I’ll miss you too.

Yanno. It was cool.

Team took me to lunch. For Mexican. Had a Margarita with my tacos. Stronnnnnng one.

Crashed another fella’s retirement party. *grins* Hung out long enough after that to turn my paperwork in at HR. And then my equipment. And my damned badge. Jeepers! Security was rather adamant about that. Okayyyyy. Fuck it. Have the damned thing.

Then walked my floor and said sayonara to a few folks and walked out with my admin. I think she was more upset than I was.

Got a call from a friend while I was driving home. Didn’t pick it up. Phone was in my pocket and I didn’t hear it. Try not to do that in the car these days anyway. Listened to his message once I got home.

I just wanted to check on you and see how you are on this sad day

It hit me then, that this wasn’t a sad day. Wasn’t sad at all. I am not sad.

I have a sense of relief more than anything else. Called him back and told him so. On his voice mail! **grins** Told him I was up for a beer or two if he wanted...

I made it out alive. ALIVE!

Time for the next chapter.
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