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I Brake for Donuts!

Well no. not really.

But I do. Sometimes. Today.

Cryptic much?


Had a nice brunchy type meal with phoenixisrisen. After which she asked if I would help her jump her truck’s battery.

Didn’t have any concrete plans today. Just some vague notion to get some work on the Saturn done. And maybe a haircut.

While we were putting life back into her truck I called the shop out in the hinterlands (where I used to live) to ask about brakes and a clutch. Said they could do the brakes today, but the clutch was pretty much an all day job. Okaaaaaaaay! Let’s do the brakes then.

I’ll be there shortly, I told him and hung up. The shop is about 40 minutes from Lil’s house. Got to the shop. They had a look at the brakes. I needed front rotors and pads. The rear are still about 50%. This was good news. Cost me about half of what I thought it would.

The last time I was there, (remember the AC replacement?) the manager was telling me they had a 98 Saturn coupe sitting on the property that the owner hadn’t wanted to pay for. Needed a new engine. So he had just brought them the title. Hmmmmmmmm.

So I told the manager about my spare tire issues. And discretely asked if that other derelict Saturn still had a donut spare?

We went out and took a look. The tire and wheel were the same as in my car. “Dude, you can have it if you want.”

Music to my ears!

So I yanked it out of the trunk and set it next to my car. It was still on the hydraulic lift. Asked the tech to put it in the trunk. He said he would.

This spare had never seen any use. It still had the little nubbins that new tires have. Presume they come from the mold or whatever.

They finished my brake job in short order. I took the old donut out of the well in my trunk and tied up the replacement. And baled. Damned car stops on a dime now! Great! Just like it should! Oh and the kid sort of fixed my Emergency brake as well too. SORT OF...

Brakes and a new spare for under three bills.


Was gonna cruise by the Black Eyed Pea and get some dinner from my friendly neighborhood bartender...

Before I did that though, (it was a little early) I decided to cruise down my old street...
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