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Damn, getting a sinus headache it feels like. Or maybe I just need to get out of this apartment. Think I'll try a dip in the pool before I try drugs. I do have some things to do today besides lay around.

I'll see if that does it.

Gonna get wet. Then take a shower. Then hopefully, run some errands.

ETA: The joke is on me. Ready to go downstairs. Step out on the patio, and uhhh, guess I'll wait a while. Clouding over and I see rain. in them thar clouds! And oh! Is that thunder I hear?

Radar confirms it looks like we're gonna get some of the wet stuff. It really rained like hell here yesterday afternoon.

I may still get to go down later but for now? Oh and with this weather no wonder I've got a headache. This quick change stuff always screws with my sinuses .

Thunder does sound nice though.

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