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Aww Hell.

I was watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I had just fired it up and the beginning music was playing but there was no picture. I thought the DVD was defective.

I went looking for the wikipedia entry for it and it mentioned that the first three minutes of the theatrical release had been restored.

"DVDs of this film restore the blank screen musical prelude that appeared in the original road-show release though this was not seen in the wider theatrical release of the film or early VHS releases. The viewer sees a blank screen while the theme music "Atmospheres" plays (the same music played during the final StarGate sequence). After about three minutes the music dies out and the MGM logo appears.[7] The title sequence then begins with an image of the Earth rising over the Moon, while the Sun rises over the Earth, all in alignment. (This is the first of three occurrences in the film of the iconic "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" theme. See music section for further discussion of the use of music in the film.)"

*grins* Reckon the last time I watched it WAS on VHS!

Damn! Hal still weirds me out.
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