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Over the last couple of days I’ve managed to completely hose my sleep schedule.

Went to bed at about 1230 this morning. Laid there for an hour or an hour and a half. Realized it wasn’t happening. Thought I’d read a bit and see if that would help. No dice. Hmmmm.

Between the CPAP and reading, I’m usually ready to fall asleep in minutes. The antibiotics I’m supposed to be taking are really fucking with my stomach too. Yeah I know. YOGURT. Been eating it.

I think the real culprit for this debacle might be I accidentally doubled up on my AD med. And had a nice strong cuppa this afternoon.

Of course NOW I’m tired. Haven’t had a night like this for quite sometime.Dunno if I’m going to see if I can’t cop at last a couple hours of sleep. Or NOT.


Finally watched AVATAR this morning. *sheesh* Pretty good. The visuals are fantastic so I can see why this would be great in 3D.


Been mucking about with my HarmonyOne remote settings over the last few days as well. Still haven’t finished THAT little project. But I’m getting there. Just need to add a few buttons to the Watch DVD’s script and it’ll be copacetic. Don’t know why the software is making ME do this. They are on the remote for the player controls. Just didn’t make it to the actual activity. Bleh!


So my weather widget is telling me it is 0 F. Hahahaha. Not a frickin’ chance! Must have lost the connection to the server or summat.


Oh. And Good Morning, y’all!

I’m going to bed. HAH!
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