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(Not) Much Ado About Anything...

Just been puttering around the apartment the last couple of days. Doing some spot cleaning and straightening. I am coming to realize that some of the crap I have in my kitchen cupboards I am likely NEVER to use. Time for a purge I think.

Mostly the leftover kludge that I picked up after Herself had gotten what she wanted. Some of this shit has gotta go.

Finally went through the boxes I brought home from the office. Either I could use it here, or in another office environment or tossed. Reduced down to one half full box of stuff to go through. Some papers. And classy awards frames that I can use for photographs. The awards I pitched.

Got a file folder or two of pictures and other stuff in there to go through, as well as some paperwork I ain’t really sure why I brought home. But the office take-home’s are mostly dealt with. Once I get through the remainder that will be a load off. I had a bunch of my favorite pictures on that cube wall. And they are in one or two of the folders I have left.

The guys that pick up the trash door to door will not be happy with me.


My (former) admin from the office pinged me the other day. She had found some Special Recognition Awards I had left in my former cube. There were like 1/2 a dozen of them. She collected them into a box and wanted to know where I wanted them sent to.

“Pam, I hate to tell you, but you wasted your time. You can round file those things. They mean absolutely nothing to me now. Pitch ‘em, Darlin’”

She asked me if I was sure? I assured her I was most serious.

Swear this woman calls, texts, and emails more now than when I actually worked there. I think she *might* like me.


Bought a blender yesterday. Nothing fancy, just a 10 speed $29.99 special.

Mudslides here I come! As soon as I amass the ingredients. *grins* Had those when Herself and I did the all inclusive thing in Jamaica a while back. YUM!

OH! And a friend wanted to get rid of his Wii console. I bought it for practically nothing. Had the original games that came with it. Wii Sports and Wii Sport Resort. Must be a fairly new unit as it is one of the black ones. Hmmmm.

I went by Gamespot (or whatever) yesterday and picked up a used copy of Super Mario Brothers Wii. The whole family used to like to play Mario. I can tell you though, compared to the rest of them I sucked. Guess what. I STILL SUCK. But it’s fun. And I’m getting better already.

Gave Tennis, Golf and Bowling a try from the Sports disc. Fun. If you play at those hard enough you can get an upper body workout anyway. Anything is better than what I have been getting which is NAUGHT.
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