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iPad and Life

This thing is pretty amazing. I use it all the time. If I'm not reading a book from the iBook store, I'm playing one of my games. Don't have too many of those. But a few. Got a reader for my RSS feeds. Coming to realize I have far too many of those. I can't keep up. I'd never get anything else done!

Ok so take tonight for instance. When I went out to eat, I brought along the pad. Thing still gets a few questions. At any rate at dinner I was reading a Jason Bourne novel. Checked my feeds too. The waiter wanted to drool on it.

Right now I'm sitting on the patio, doing this entry. The weather is giving a nice little show. Getting a bit of rain and thunder. I can tell you it is almost cool out here. Of course I have a fan blowing on me, but it ain't blowing hot air at the moment.

I rarely take my laptop out of the house, unless of course I need computing power, or traveling. But I'm starting to take this thing around with me. Keyboard is a bit easier than the phone to deal with. And of course there's the factor of the bigger screen. My eyes ain't as young as they used to be. *grins*

There are several other useful apps I've got and some that are mostly just frickin' beautiful. Like the Emerald Observatory. Quite useful as a clock and a basic astronomy tool. But let's face it, the damned app is just gorgeous too:

Don't get me wrong. The iPad is not a replacement for either my laptop or my phone. But it sure as hell manages to fit the space between them rather nicely.

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