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Oh Wait... It's Monday?!?

I swear the days are just kind of running together. My subscription to the newspaper died a few weeks ago and I haven’t renewed. Only got Thursday, Friday and Sunday anyway. Guess I should re-up that.

Got a car load of items together to take to the storage room on the edge of civilization. Spent a few hours getting all of that together (some stuff just went straight into the trash) and then into the storage room.

Was soaked loading and unloading. The humidity is relentless here. Always is this time of year.

Spent some time talking to the couple that run the place. It was seriously hot outside and the office was really cool. Went ahead and bought a clicker for the gate to the place.

I’m going to have to spend some time out there getting some things organized.

Got a haircut while I was out there. Some habits die harder than others. I was told by several friends that I really needed to get a haircut. I was getting rather shaggy. And if I think so, I must have REALLY needed a trim.

I headed back home with a thought to falling into the pool to counteract the haircut “itchies”. The closer I got though the darker the sky got. When I turned onto my street the sky really cut loose.

Decided on Popeyes for dinner. And then drove back to the house.

Note to self: Popeye’s Cole Slaw is not good. Matter of fact, it is AWFUL. They could learn something about cole slaw from KFC. Do not want!

And the damned chicken is kinda dry. Meh.

So a shower and then dinner.

At one point I was sitting at the dinning room table reading and my eyes were trying to slam shut! And I’m starting to get stiff. Had more physical activity today than I usually do. I don’t think it will be too far of a stretch that I’ll be hitting the hay early. *grins*

A partially productive day...

More than usual anyway.
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