TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

++So - Give A Hearty livejournal Welcome to...++

My good friend from across the pond jules_perox. You might otherwise recognize his comments on my journal as from anonymous!

He claims to live in the middle of the UK...But I dunno, actually. He could live in New Jersey for all I know! *grins*

He further claims that his foray into livejournal is my fault. Glad I could be of service! The more the merrier!

Jules display a wonderfully British sense of humour and I can't wait until he starts posting regularly! Give him a few words of welcome and encouragement - he's new to blogging!

This is a man who dared to build a model railway in a picnic basket! And then sold it on ebay!

Any way, cheers, Jules!
Tags: blogs, flist, jules_perox, lj friends, modelrailroading
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