TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

At Alamo Village

Here (for the moment) pretty much by myself. Spent some time with Rich Curilla. Rich is a veritable fount of knowledge about both the Alamo and the Alamo village. The place is kinda going to seed. A shame too. The Shahan's who own the surrounding ranch have an individual that is interested in buying the place. Amd not just the Alamo and the village (which is a working movie set) but 11,000 acres of the surrounding ranch land.

Fun fact 1: did you know that the movie that John Wayne made bears very little reality to what happened at the Alamo?

Fun fact 2: The last Alamo movie, that starred Billy Bob Thornton is actually much more accurate in it's portrayal of the story of the Alamo.

Gonna put the long glass on my camera and take some more pictures and then take, what I hope to be a decently scenic, meandering way back to Uvalde.

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