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I Actually Made Myself Leave On Time

Today. Was just too tired to hang out overly long. Didn't sleep well last night. So for once I was home well before six PM, rather than well after.

Woke up at about two (Yes - AM!) gasping for air. Seems my sinuses closed up and wearing the CPAP mask wasn't helping. Took the mask off and went back to sleep. I'm sure I was making enough noise the peel the paint off the house. And the neighbors' houses as well. Tough.

The thing about working late is...Once you start staying late, and it gets to be a habit, it is soooooooooooooooooooooo hard to break it. I need to make the effort though. I used to enjoy being at home.

Besides: My job does not define who I am. It is the other way around. Or is supposed to be, any way.

Had the house to myself this weekend. The Queen went to Georgia to see The Cool One's Graduation from boot camp. That was Friday.

Now he will start Airborne Training. 3 weeks of that and then he gets his orders. He should find that now he's out of boot camp, things should be a little different. He should get some weekends off and such, I'd reckon...

Proud of him, I am!

Though I wish he'd decided to stay with the Ranger training. I have my suspisions as to why he decided to drop that, but I ain't going into them just yet.

BTW: Thanks belleaire ! I went to iambored.com and lost an hour and a half just screwing around there. Heh!

And thanks to all of y'all that gave Jules a warm welcome. Been trying to get him to start something here or at blogger for a while now...

Yanked this from The Fortress of Snarkitude, fizzyland .

Who else is love?
pseudomonas  me scripsit anno 2005

Peace out, yall!
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