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Logical? Maybe Not

So basically my apartment has been spending a little time in a state of **Destroyed**.

I had left it in “fairly” good shape before I left to go on my little solo “Waltz Across Texas” sojourn. The last few days though, have been a little rough on it.

First I finally finished going thru the stuff I brought home from my last days at The Big Clam. Needless to say (but I am any way) I hadn’t found a home for everything. So stuff was just kinda laying around waiting for me to JUST DO IT!

Second I had another round of “Let’s fool with Home Automation!” Let me explain.

I am a proponent of X10 home automation tech. X10 technology is a bit dated, but the beauty of X10 protocols is it uses the existing existing wiring (along with RF in some cases) to allow control of a multitude of things. Lights, fans, coffee makers, garage doors, thermostats, hot tub controls, etc. And you can use any number of combinations. You can setup “House codes: A, B, C through the letter ‘P’. Then your codes for your linked devices can be numbered 1 though 16 with very little dificulty. If you do a little math you can see there are quite a few combinations that can be used. A through P = 16 different housed codes. Times that by the 16 codes available for each housecode. So that gives you 256 different combinations. Seems a familiar pattern to the geeky ones, no?

This is more than adequate for the average household.I had found an IR (InfraRed as opposed to RF RadioFrequency) controller that would let me use my smart remote(s) to control lights and appliances. I bought one to test. It was cheap ~ Under 15 bucks.

But this involved changing the codes on half the stuff I had interfaced. Heh. Mostly lamps at this point. The thing works pretty damned good. So I’ve ordered another one for the bedroom. I can either change the codes I had to the previous settings or not. The Smartremote software (which I hate, but that is another post...) proposed Housecodes as buttons too. So maybe I’ll test that as well. I had thought the IR wanger was locked into one code. So I kinda had a mess finding all the modules I needed to change.

Third the painters were in a day or two ago to paint the damned ceiling from the mini monsoon (yet another leak) season we had. They covered everything up but had to push everything in the living room they could to one side or another.

And the fuckers left some gritty mess in my sink. Suspect they were mixing some sheetrock mud in there. Yeesh! Management will hear of this... If I think about it.

Fourth I needed a flat workspace (read: DESK) in here. Doing it on the dining room table was making me just a little crazed. The secretary and hutch I have just wasn’t cutting it. Bought a 50 inch desktop and some legs. And I bought a lamp. So the detritus from that transaction has been laying around the last day or so. Okay, so it was piled in the gap left by the painters in the Living Room. *grins*

Is there a point to this?

Well I’d like to think so. Getting a grip on the organization thing. A grip for me anyway...*grins* Still more to do, but I’m to the point where I have a load ready to go down to the dumpster. Thought I’d pack a cooler with a couple of brews and some water and make a stop by the pool for a while too. Sounds good to me.

The temp outside is hovering between 95-98 F. Real feel says it feels like 105-106 F. So yeah, I think it’s a plan.

Downside? Nah. Not really. But I have a load to take to the storage room down the hall as well. That will have to wait till I get back up here. The trash is already loaded up. Storage room may or may not happen today after the pool. But dammit, I’ve been at this most of the last two days... So I’m slow. I prefer to call it methodical. *grins* And I’ll need to think about dinner and nothing I have here is sounding good enough to prepare. Maybe a pizza from Gugliani’s is in order. Need to make a grocery run apparently. And that just ain’t happening. Not today.

I’m getting there. heh. Maybe by mid week I’ll have it all where I want it. heh heh...

Got my laundry mostly finished, so off to the dumpster I go.
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