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What's in Your Backpack?

Stolen from Lifehacker What’s in Your Backpack?

Wow. What a difference a couple of months makes. Since I lost my job, I don’t generally carry one with me anymore unless it’s gonna be a long day. I USED to carry everything but the kitchen sink in there.

The backpack I used to carry has been relegated to pool or beach duty.

A tee-shirt, beach towel, sunscreen, MAYBE a baseball cap. A pair of sunglasses. Some first-aid stuff, a pen or pencil and a small notebook. A magazine or book I’m reading. My small camera (with extra batteries) Probably my phone and iPad.

But for everyday? I’m wearing mostly cargo pants or shorts these days and if it doesn’t fit in them, it generally doesn’t go. iPad doesn’t fit in them but it generally goes with me if I’m going out. Recently picked up an interesting app or two that makes it worth carrying more often.

So what’s in yours?
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