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Finally spoke to one of the two Canadians last night. They wanna rent a beach house for the Christmas holidays down here in Galveston. Did I want in on that? Ummm. Thanks, but no. I’ll come visit, but probably not to stay. Need to watch the money a bit yanno? Besides I live here...

The other thing the Calgaricans wanted to know was when I was coming up? Uh well. Good question. Still need to re-up my passport.

Also discussed the fact they weren’t ready to leave and miss the frickin’ weather here already. Well, gotta go where the work is, right?


Haven’t been very productive at all this week. Huh. What for?? Just generally farting around has ensued. Plus it is just so damned HOT! outside.

Had lunch with a former co-worker yesterday. That was nice. Always good to see ez_as_pi

Supposed to get together with another tomorrow for a while in the afternoon / evening.


Groceries? There’s an app for that.

Been using Grocery Gadget. It is a pretty flexible app. Lite version limits you to 20 items. Regular leaves you to unlimited lists. There’s a web app for creating lists too. I find this a little easier to use when making a list.

Also has a barcode scanner. Couldn’t use it with my 3G, but with 4 scanner is enabled. Tried it out this morning and it scanned 3 out of 5 items from my larder. Not too bad.

Need to make a grocery run badly. Been putting it off because it’s just been so damned hot. But I have no breakfast stuff left sooooooooo. Or lunch... Not that I want anyway. Heh.

Got a couple of crock pot meals I wanna try out and I need supplies for them too. Let you know how they turned out after...

Gonna take my grocery gadget on get to shopping!


I just realized my largest pot is not large enough to do spaghetti without breaking it in half. I hate that... So recommendations?
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