TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

It Was the Chili in the Kitchen With the Crock Pot!

My chili tried to kill me! Made a big ol' pot of chili Friday morning. I puttered around the apt for most of the day. Finally DING! I plopped some into a bowl and tried it. Thought it was pretty good although I think it had too many beans.

Went out west and met up with some friends for beers and assorted mayhem. That chili was really smelling good, so I had another bowl.

In the morning I had cramps. Nothing I couldn't deal with. But there.

Morning progressed and dodos my cramps. Decided to see if a dip in the pool would do any good. And it seemed to. Till I got backup stairs. OMG I felt awful. Spent the day trying to get comfortable. Nothing doing. Went to drugstore to get some GASX. Seemed to help. A bit.

Went to bed. But worse is the pain also increased. About 0300 I gave up and decided this was beyond me. Got dressed and drove myself to the ER! Long story shortened. They slammed me into the hospital it made my head spin. Not really all that hard given the amount of narcotics I have in me.

Diagnosis is perforated bowel. Nice. Pumping me full of antibiotics and pain killers. The world is pretty blurry but I can at least sit up!

I suspect surgery is in the future for

Drifting in and out of consciousness so color me outta here!

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Tags: 42, sick, via ljapp
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