TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

WTF is it With Nurses and SLEEPING Patients???

Swear to god they never let me sleep more than two hours in a row at night.

We need to check your vitals.
Need to hang a new bag.
Need this need that. In the middle of the frickin' night?

Izzatso? Then how come I've not seen a nurse today since this MORNING? Only need the vitals at night do ya? Bullshit! Seen the doctor more than the day shift nurse today. Which I haven't really needed her, but what if I did? Been here three days and I've seen three different day shift nurses all with very different sets of competencies. Nights have been the same nurse and graveyards different folks each time.

Kinda blasted the graveyard nurse as I had just fallen asleep for the second time when she came in for some other fucking thing. Sleep is kind of a precarious thing for me anyway. And when I'm disturbed. BOOM!!

Feeling somewhat more human today. Serious cramps but not like before. At this point I'm wondering if the antibiotics are chewing me up inside. Have had no pain mess today either.

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