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WTF Happened?! Here it is... In a nutshell

Okay I can say what happened, what was done and what has yet to be done...

What Happened...

I found myself having the most terrible cramps a couple of Saturdays ago. Finally at around 3 AM on Sunday I gave up trying to sleep surrendered and managed to drive myself to the Emergency Room. After exams, blood work, xrays, and a CT Scan, it was determined that the cause of my pain was a perforated colon (lower intestine). This in and of itself is pretty bad. Another name is Diverticulitis. A painful and potentially fatal condition. Basically a pocket or pockets are formed on the wall of the intestine. And stuff gets stuck there. And festers. If it festers really well, it can escape the wall of the intestine and enter the abdominal cavity and cause at least 7 different kinds of havoc! HAHAHAHA!

Spoke to the Surgeon on call in the ER. He recommended a course of antibiotics to see if surgery could be avoided.

I agreed (Of COURSE!) and was admitted to the hospital. After a couple of days of nothing by mouth, pumped full of antibiotics and narcotics another CT Scan was ordered.

The infection caused by the diverticulitis was unharmed and was advancing seemingly unchecked. The surgeon proposed a procedure to remove the affected part of the bowel and some cleanup. After discussing the merits and consequences (A: continued life on planet Earth with a temporary colostomy or B: Death from within) I agreed to the surgery.


What Was Done

The surgery was done. And according to the surgeon was a success.

I got a new appendage (sort of) and a new way of doing a couple of things (heh!). Getting used to life with the bag has been a test to say the least. But something I can deal with.

Where I Am

I’m staying with friends and family for the nonce. The Offspring has been an absolute jewel throughout this whole ordeal. Very patient and helpful.

Even when every time someone at the hospital asked me how old she was, I gave a different answer! HA! Man, was I tanked on drugs!

I am so proud of my girl! Sometimes I could just burst!

cadona (who is also The Offspring ‘s Mother and a very fine friend to me.) is making sure I’m getting fed the right foods, and trying to make sure I am headed in the right direction. I am a hard headed motherfucker sometimes, though. And not very easy to deal with when in pain. There are times when I’m just not easy to deal with ANYWAY...

But all is mostly well. Given up smoking (mostly) and I think I walked close to a mile today. No not all at once. But still. That’s better than I’ve done in months anyhoo. All without an inhaler as well.

Nothing like a swift kick in the tookus to get it moving in a different direction.

I’ll be here at least a few more days. Maybe a week or so...

Lost about 15 - 19 pounds as a result of this crap... Nice... Not a nice way to do it but still.

What is Yet to be Done...

In about six weeks, I’ll go back under the knife and have a reversal of the colostomy performed. I believe they will remove more of the colon and attach the ends together so that all the plumbing will be working in unison once again.

Thanks again to all whom have expressed worry and continued support to me through this ordeal.

Jeebus! Talk about a wake up call!
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