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This Fool and his Flock in Florida...

The Reverend (?) Terry Jones outta Gainesville, who plans to do this “Koran Burning Day” on September 11th, makes my ass hurt.

How many lives is such an idiotic and foolish gesture going to cost. This will infuriate and incite Muslims globally to react. And not in a good way.

Now I don’t claim to be a Christian (nor do I claim not to be one. My religion is my business, not yours. If I even HAVE one.), can you imagine the righteous outrage if someone did this with the Bible? Or the Talmud? Or any book of religious significance?

Some body needs to drag this fucker in an alley and pistol whip the snot out of his sorry ass, with his own .40 cal!

And he claims to be a patriot too, I bet.

Intolerance, I don’t get it...

I have no more time to waste on fools. I have stuff to do.

Morons, idiots, fanatics... ARRRRRRRGHH!
Tags: 42, f451, news, politics, rants, religion
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