TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Should I stay or Should I Go?

Still Thinkin' about this LJ Thang

Clearly there are serious differences between the various blogging sites.
Blogger Free - LJ Free - But with adverts - I hate ads. Especially if I'm not making money on them.

I kinda like what I see on LJ. And if I'm going to convert I'll need to do a paid account. Another thing that would make the Queen crazy.

I have a lot of crap on blogger.
I don't mind change, though. LJ Seems to be very flexible and I kind of like the sense of community that is possible here. Plus there are the privacy setting(s) As well as the mood, location, and music thingies...I kinda like those...

And if I wanted to be really sneaky (which usually I don't) I could use my blogger account as a decoy! bwa hahahahaha. But that isn't what this is really about.

Ahh well - Still looking at LJ Style sheets and templates - So bear with me through all the changes.

BTW - Still not smokin'

Oh Yeah...Before I forget:

Happy Birthday U.S.A.!!!!!!
We ain't perfect, but this is still the best damn country in the world!

Tags: change, holiday, independence, nonsmoking, patriotic
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