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My Exciting Life! *sigh*



Tech Post

My 500 GB internal HDD should be delivered today...

Now I'll have a fun project...Backup and restore! Wonder if I ought just go ahead and update to OSX 10.6? The replacement drive is bigger and faster.


Med Post

Annnnnd I've got a doctor's appointment this after noon. Been trying to get in to see my PCP for several months now. Was told Tuesday that she'll be out until January. She must be some kind of sick. Missed her the last 3 out of 5 visits...

I have scripts to be renewed so I need to see SOMEONE, dammit!


The 2-3 beers (or something else I had yesterday) I had while at BW3 with a friend last night seems to be giving me gas. The damned bag keeps filling up with gas. Which I have to vent off.

That is some rank, foul, low born, swamp raised, sewer smelling gas. Good lord it is nasty.


Only about two more weeks with this thing...

S'all I got. How Y'all doing?
Tags: bio, mbp, medical, osx, tech, tmi
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