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No, not Door matted. FORMATted. Installing OSX on my new drive. Looked at some procedures for installing this mutha. Holy moley there's a lot of steps.

But I'll have a shiny new install of OSX on a shiny new 500GB Hard drive! That will be quite a switch from the 160GB original drive. This thing is supposed to combine the storage capability of a traditional 7200 RPM Hard Drive and the speed of a Solid State Drive. Sweet!


In theory it should move things along quite a bit.

Hope this goes better than most of my afternoon did. At least I can LOOK like I know what I'm doing with this. **grins**

Getting to hate doctors. Especially the corporate styled ones.

This SW install is gonna take some time too... At least an hour or so. Just to install the OS. Then there's the updates and stuff. Couple hours at least.

More than hour and a half I've already spent on this. Guess I can get caught up on some videos I should be watching and sending back to netflix.

Then I can get to the really hairy part of this. Pull my lap top apart and take out the old drive and put in the new one. And then put it all back together and pray. Heh. Looks like there about 20 tiny ass screws to this. Oh boy.

I void warranties. For real...
Tags: mbp, osx, tech
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