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I'd Say That counts as a Success

The install seems to have been a complete success. Booting from off took about 1:20 seconds. Nothing to brag about perhaps, but from the point where I entered my password, it took about 30 seconds to complete functionality. A VERY marked improvement. VERY.

Firefox loaded in 10.9 seconds.
Mailplane (it's a front end for Gmail in 9 seconds.

The 3rd time I loaded Photoshop Elements 6 it loaded in 6.6 seconds.

The first time I loaded PSE 8 it took 20 seconds. And I had to click the User agreement.

When I opened a photo from PSE 8 bridge it took 14 seconds to load the photo into Elements.

TurboCad Designer loaded in about 10 seconds. And like elements, it is a frickin HAWG! When I exited and then loaded a fairly large file from the finder it loaded in 11.7 seconds! DUDE!

Solid difference. Everything I've loaded today loads TONs faster. And each time you do it it seems to improve a little as well.

It's almost like a new computer. Quite pleased with this upgrade. So far.

As an aside one of those tiny damned screws leapt of my desktop, hit a picture frame propped up underneath my desk and has gone off into oblivion in the carpet somewhere.

It was an exterior screw too. Wonder if I took one of the others by an apple store if they'd give (or sell) me one. They gotta have spare parts back there, don't they?
Tags: geekery, mbp, tech
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