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Problem... Solved?

Had an ongoing problem with my MacBookPro. I've talked of it here before.

Sometimes when I would close the lid on it to put it to sleep, it would refuse to wake up... Resulting in a HARD Start. But since I put this new hard drive in the issue seems to have been miraculously HEALED!

The Apple Geeks have replaced the logic board in this machine TWICE attempting to fix this. And all along it seems my original 160GB HDD was the culprit. More data is needed, but it seems to be fixed. Interesting. But I can see some logic behind this. I would never have suspected a hard drive though.

Probably just jinxed it. Rats!


My Sleepytime tea is brewing, so it is nearly time for me to bid you all Good-Night. Or Good Morning. Depending on your point of view. Or where you are in the world...
Tags: apple, mbp, osx, tech
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