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Wedesday... So Far

Good Morning! Hope all is well with you all...

I know some of you are facing some serious trials and tribulations. You are in my thoughts.


Healthy breakfast this morning. With my coffee...

Some yogurt with granola mixed in. A few almonds. And a nice tall glass of OJ mixed with some lovely Benefiber.


According to Amazon, both my RAM upgrade for my MacMini and my MobileMe disc thingie were delivered yesterday.

Soon as I'm done with breakfast, I'll see if I can't sort that out with the Apartment Office. So another couple IT projects will (hopefully) soon be in the CAN!


Nothing else planned for today ~ Other than getting all the Tax stuff sorted out and ready to go. Then maybe I'll take a stab at getting my files re-organized. Or at least starting on THAT major project.

I used to be so good about that stuff. Everything is stacked on TOP of my nice filing cabinet in the bedroom closet. I ain't looking forward to this particular piece of work but it needs to be done. And soon.

I've neglected it for far too long.
Tags: 42, apple, death and taxes, macmini, tech
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