TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Will That be a Psychic or Psychotic...

Reading Mr. Tom?

Sooooooooo renfaire yesterday. Very nice.

Got a palm reading. Navajo woman. Nailed me. I NEVER do these things. Well hardly ever.

Just a feeling I had. There are 2 main booths for psychic activities. I visited one first. It's said that you should go to the one you are drawn to. I wasn't drawn to any one in this place.

I hit the pavilion in the gypsy camp (ne Sherwood. Don't care what they call it. It will always be the camp to me). Again not really drawn. But something kinda tingled... So I paid the barker my money. And soon I was seated before a weathered native American. She was quite a beauty... From the inside out.

A little background. I used to work for a group here at TRF, the Soothsayers. As a barker. This was a front for a nonprofit organization in Houston that made 80% of their yearly operating budget at the faire. I was talking to an old friend yesterday and it seems she started a year or two after I did. That would put me starting in 1985 or '86. Worked for them for 10 or 12 years. By the time they gave up their contract, I was the supervisor. Spent a long time and a lot of years with these folks.

This woman pretty much nailed me. Had me in tears within 10 minutes.

I won't go into any details other than to say, there is still hope for this old soul. Not done yet, professionally, romantically, the struggle is not yet over... Heh. As if I didn't know that. But a confirmation is always nice.

And it will be a struggle apparently. If it ain't worth working for, is it worth having?

After my time was up (all to soon!), I thanked the lady and stumbled out of the wagon. Made my way back up the hill, stunned to my core. Jeebus!

Here's a shot (one of my favorites from yesterday) of an old friend. Not too many of us left at the faire.

Tags: 42, life liberty & the pursuit of happiness, trf 2010
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