TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

My New (Well Old Really) Favorite Pair of Kicks

Had this pair of shoes for a few years. They are Rockports version of a pseudo athletic shoe. I wear only Rockports. They hurt my feet less than any other brand. Except for flip flops.

I have bad feet. They always seem to be hurting. Always have.

I've worn the shoes enough times that they are broke in, but I don't usually pick them up and take em with me. I figured if I was gonna be doing lots of walking I might need them. Put them on before I went to faire yesterday. Have to say, they performed admirably. Feet didn't really hurt at the end of the day. And they don't really hurt now. Usually after walking as much as I do at faire, my feet would hurt like hell!

So yeah these shoes are TexasT's endorsed.

Tags: 42, walking
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