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Weekday Update

Surgery and Me...

The surgeon released me yeserday, with conditions. I can resume a (normal) diet. Developed some sort of infection in the incisions so got scrips for antibiotics, and some sort of ointment. Dropped them off yesterday, to be picked up today.

Condition 1 - Eat more fiber. FOREVER. He says he's never had a return paitient from a removed colostomy come back. After that experience they always modify their diet.

Condition 2 - If the infection doesn't clear up in a week or so, I'm to call him to make an appointment.

Got a bill with no balance from Sugarland Surgical Assistants, LLC. ~ Thank you insurance! I'm sure I've still got a pile of this stuff to pay for.

So hopefully this will be the end of my whining about this...*grins* Not that I was whining today. I did overeat yesterday though. Because I am a PEEG!


Train Shop...

As I dropped my prescriptions off at the pharmacy yesterday, I noticed that a trainshop I used to frequent a couple of years ago had relocated to the strip center adjacent to the CVS I use. Stopped in to have a look around. Not sure if the ownership has changed, but the inventory sure has. This is a much smaller space than the previous shop. He even at one time hosted a MRR club on the second floor. He was a really personable fellow. These guys that are working in there now? Not so much. But maybe the old fossils just don't remember me. But their Database does... *grins*

As a Side Note...

The NMRA (National Model Railroading Association) celebrates it's 75th anniversary in 2010. I'm not a member (although I could argue that I should be. But I'm nor currently an active modeler either...

November is "National Model Railroad Month". In the spirit of that, Model Railroaders across the country typically open their homes or clubhouses so that folks can visit their (in some cases) massive works of art. Make no mistake, for that is what these are. A lot of these folks are artists in their own right.

The Houston area is NOT an exception to this rule. Check it: San Jacinto Model Railroad Club

So if I can manage to schedule a day or two over the following few weekends major photographage shall follow.

Let me check my busy schedule. Heh. I'd expect to see some pictures in this space if I were you.


Cannot Find my Stamps...

My forever stamps, dang it. They're probably on this damned dinning room table. As I wade through the pile of crap that has accumulated on this table in the last eight (!!) weeks or so since te "blood and guts" thing started. They are here...



East Texas (Herself) Updatage

Finally got a return receipt from the "Package o Crap" I sent up there. Seems to have taken quite the time to get such a short distance. Think I sent that thing off between the 8th and the 10th(?). Signed for on the 20th? Jeebus. Either slow or she was hard to catch up with... Probably the latter. Haven't heard from her. At this point I ain't sure I will. I'd be surprised if I do. And no, I don't really care either.


Organized? Time to Move...

Making a concerted effort to get some organization in this damned apartment. Need to use my office space in the bedroom as an office space, dang it! I'll get there. But apparently S-l-o-w-l-y. Heh. Tha's alright.

Progress? Well yeah. Found the top of the coffee table. Knew it was under there some where! Heh.

Went through some pictures and discs. Found some stuff I have no real attachment to as they are mostly Herself's stuff. I may make another package up to send to her.

Got some other paraphanelia that I'd be a little more comfortable with if it wasn't here. I ain't sure if I should just chuck that or send it. She may have some sentimental attachment to some of it. But if she didn't give enough iof a fuck to get it as she was moving out, why the hell should I?

Perhaps I'll see when I speak to alleycat2681if she's coming to town and can take it up to her.


What the hell is David Dewhurst doing compaigning about his opposition to anything Obama related? Just another idiot using the President to form is campaign talking points from. Doofus, he's the Lieutenant Govenor of Texas. Needs to STFU. Only time I ever hear anything thing from him is during election time.

Partisan politics (in general) is just out of control in this country.

My opinion, of course.


Braes Bayou...

Thought about what Texas (or Houston, any way) calls bayous. I live a stone's throw from Braes "Bayou". It stinks. Literally. I think most of the bayous round these parts were (at one time) creeks or something similar. They were widened and reinforced with concrete for flood control. Still a lot of green around them, but jeebus! there are also a lot of wastewater treatment plants. In my area it's is really rank. You'd have to call a HAZMAT squad to decontaminate you if you fell in this MoFo. Nasty stuff. I realize the shit has gotta go some where but JEEBUS!
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