TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

And So...

I'm here in New Braunfels. Did Wurstfest last night. Wonder if it might be more fun on a weekend. Oopa music galore. Waaaaay too much liederhosen. Some guys that make Oompa look like rock and roll. Great. Dude was HELL on his accordion!

I think the 3 hour drive to get here might have done me in... Damned surgery. Didn’t even drink a single beer. Does this sound like your TexasT’s?

And of course I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Once I got to sleep all was well.

Helped my hosts put the finishing touches on their new chicken coup today. Nice to feel useful. *I know my way around power tools* and can do some mad carpentry-ing. Haven’t had to put these skills to use for a while. Fun stuff!

Herding chickens seems to be a bit like herding cats. A little easier, but still a challenge. *grins*

As I kinda said above, I may have pushed a little tooooooo hard the last couple of days. Had planned to go home this afternoon, but it got to be late enough that I didn't feel like driving home to get there at 9:00 or 10:00. So I let Dorie talk me into staying another night. I’ll get outta their hair in the morning and head back to la casita.
Tags: 42, friends, my exciting life, road trips
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