TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Yeah. I Know. It Looks Weird...

Scrambled eggs hack.

This is a trick I learned from the last B&B I stayed at in western Texas.


Set a pot of water to boil. Take 2 (or three for an omelet sized deal) eggs, a little milk, a little salt and pepper. And whatever else will make your day sunny and bright. Combine them in a ziplock bag.Then mush 'em up real good until they are mixed. You might want to do this in a bowl instead of the bag. Or not. Your choice.

Once your water boils, take your (sealed) baggie and put it in the boiling water. I wasn't really sure how a baggie would hold up so I rigged something with a spoon holder, a small pair of tongs, and some of hemostats to kinda hold the bag upright. Use what ever tools ya got!

The guy at the B&B did his omelets for 13 minutes. Sometimes he said he might have to nuke them a bit just to make sure they were done.

I was only cooking two eggs, so I boiled mine for 10 minutes. That was a bit too long. Think maybe 7-8 minutes would have sufficed. At any rate they still came out pretty fluffy, if a bit over done.


These are easily some of the fluffiest scrambled eggs I've ever managed to make.


Keep it simple, no?
Tags: 42, apartment life, cooking
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