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Why The Hell Do People Do Shit Like That?

The latest embarassing celebrity video wanger of David Hasselhoff is sad to say the least. Madenning if you don't really give a crap about shit like this. And if you watch the "news" you will be subjected to it over and over and over (and over) again. Online too!

And no, I ain't putting the goddam thing up here.

Was it spite? Did his kids think it was gonna help him kick the bottle? Seriously, WTF?!?

So in addition to having to see this incoherent fool attempt to eat (and fail), we'll now be subjected to yet  another  insincere celebrity apology...Not to mention seeing him trying to spin his way out of this...For effing DAYS!

Bullshit taking up my bandwidth! It's like "Dancing With the Stars" or "Survivor" in the newcast. It ain't news...It's crap!

Just my opinion...
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