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Nice Day Today...

Weather has been great for the last few days, if a little warm-ish in the afternoons.

Today was a pretty good day when it all shakes out. A couple of blisters, but hey, that's life.

Not necessarily in order.

I sort of apologized to my friend in the leasing office this afternoon for going all asplodey on his ass yesterday. It was either him or the Manager. He spoke with The Neighbor of Unrealistic Expectations today. He thinks Ms. Thing is going move when her lease is up. She clearly isn't happy here. Seems she is a chronic complainer... DUH!

I'm having a cuppa and watching the tube, while doing this entry. With a couple of Fiber Wafers... They ain't too bad. Almost like some kinda shortbread. Been off my diet this week. *sigh* I will pay. Later.

Made an appointment with a dermitologist for Friday. First try out of the shute.

Supposed to make an appointment with a Psychiatrist as well. This is not going as well. Talked to half a dozen offices this morning. Left messages with others. Turns out I have a different insurance provider for Mental Health. Talked to those guys this morning as well. Got a list of Psychs near to me. Late this afternoon I snagged an appointment for mid December.

All these people are booked for Months and months in advance. We must be one fuuuuuuuuuucked up nation, people! *grins*

I called my Primary physician's assistant late this afternoon to see about a refill for my AD meds. She informed me my PCP is back working half days. HOORAY!! So she'll have a chat with her and call me back tomorrow.I mean I know I should go...I can probably (definately) use the therapy, but if I don't have to right now... I might not.

The Offspring had asked me a few days ago if I had any pictures of her and her step-sibs when they were younger and in garb at Ren Faire. Took me a couple of days (I didn't have anything digital) to dig up a couple of albums with pictures but I succeeded. Pictures were taken when I was still married to The RedHead, wife 2.0. We were all so young. And thinner. Much thinner. And The Offspring says, much stupider. Can't say I disagree given the events that followed.

Also found pics from the first party we threw ( The RedHead and I) at our house in Sugarland. Even found a copy of the invite we sent out. Designed by moi, on my first Mac! Whoa! Primitive Stuff! I've come a long way (digitally) creatively since then.

Spent a few hours with said The Offspring this morning. I met her and a friend (with a pickup) at the storage facility out in the hinterlands. She took a High Boy dresser that had belonged to my Mom. And the kitchen table and chairs that was there as well. We have an understanding that when (not if) I get a bigger place, the table comes to me.

So I can walk in there again. Found some tools and stuff I knew was in there... I just didn't know where. *grins* I left it out there. Looked over all my model train stuff. *sigh* I miss using that creative bone. There just isn't any room here at la casita. The future... The future.

After we (they *grins*) loaded up we went to Jason's Deli for lunch. I should have had a salad. Went for the Reuben instead.

I cruised the old neighborhood and my neighbors across the street were going to lunch. I tagged along and we talked about "The Ordeals of the Man That Lives in Meyerland" and D. was shocked. I think he has some regularity issues and I scared the shit out of him! Not literally. But enough to start eating more fiber and make an appointment with his doctor.

*grins* With a "My work here is done." I left them and went to get a haircut. Now my hairdresser out in the Hinterlands is DEAF AS A POST... I told him I had to get hearing aids and he was all "What?! Why?!"

Uh dude. because I have pretty severe hearing loss... He's worn Hearing aids for years. And you still have to yell at him or look right at him so he can read your lips to be understood.

After that I came home and took a shower, as is my custom after getting my haircut. Can't stand the hair down my shirt. And so, now here I sit.
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