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It is Apparently a Law of Physics...

...That Double-Stuff Oreos and Milk cannot exist in the same time and space in this apartment.


Had drinks and dinner with a friend (and his lady friend) last night. This was another of Herself's "friends" that I was not supposed to see once she became unrational (Well she WAS) about this kind of stuff.

Same group as the guy I had lunch or dinner with on Sunday...

"These are MY friends! MY FRIENDS"
"These are MY KIDS! MINE!
"This is MY DOG! MINE!

HAHAHAHA! Well, I'll give you that last one, princess! Yer right, he WAS yours! Take 'im with my blessings. As for the rest? Well we'll see.
Tags: 42, life liberty & the pursuit of happiness, the queen
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