TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Feel Fine... I Think

Been 6 days since my last post...

So here, have one!

I ran out of smokes last night. Decided to see if not smoking would make me completely crazy today. And so far it has NOT.

Although I did EAT more than usual today. Not any more jittery than usual. *grins*


Visited my doctor early last week, because of the Cold or whatever it is I picked up... I was a little worried as I have been known to crack ribs from coughing. Didn’t think it would be a good idea to undo whatever the surgeon did down there. The Doc agreed, gave me a scrip for antibiotics and one for something to curb the urge to cough. Both seem to be working.

She also advised me to curb the use of my sleep meds, lest I become addicted. Great....


Supposed to see the ENT Doctor tomorrow morning. Think I’ll cancel that one. No point. I didn’t get the hearing aids... That’s what the follow up was for soooooooooooo. The hell with that. Don’t wanna waste his time or mine.


Had Thanksgiving with The Offspring and her Momma.

A nice pork loin, cornbread dressing, mac & cheese, asparagus and a berry crumble with ice cream for dessert. Not a bird in sight! I’m okay with that.

Played a few rounds of dominoes, and went to see the Harry Potter flick. Meh on that one. Just setting up for part 2 I think.

Had several invites for dinner and stuff, guess folk don’t realize I may be single, but I do have family here. Nice of folks to ask though.
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