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It's Thursday!

The State of the T’s

Aside from the fact I cannot seem to shake this damned cold (or whatever it is) I’m doing fine for the most part.

I do tend to get quiet at this time of year as far as posting goes. Not the best part of the year for me. Perception thing I guess. Rather than share all that entails I tend to get a little quiet.


Friends and Stuff

Meeting some old friends for dinner tonight. Known these folks for over 20 years. We worked at Texas Ren Fest together. Time for some Mexican FOOD! Likely to miss the Texans game.

Met friend KD at Buffalo Wild Wings last night for brews and *WINGS!*. We haven't gotten together since before Thanksgiving. KD still works for The Big Clam. We were sitting there Bullshitting about nothing in particular when I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and there was another former colleague who heard we were meeting at BW3 and just decided to stop by and have a drink. I used to work with AE when I was on the support desk before I moved to security. Was very good to see him.

In 2001 he and I were part of the US team that went to Rotterdam for a major go-live. We were there for about a month. Now THAT was an interesting trip... One thing sticks out... AE and I got seriously drunk on a Friday night at the hotel bar. Think between us we killed most of a bottle (if not all of it) of Jameson’s. He was so sick he couldn’t even emerge from his room until Sunday. We were supposed to go to Amsterdam on Saturday, and needless to say it didn’t happen. We did go Sunday, and managed to have a pretty good time.

As an aside to that:


Day Trip in Den Haag

A couple weeks ago I found one of those disposable type cameras. I took a pile of these things to The Netherlands on that business trip. Most were developed long ago. Picked the prints up a few days ago, and found myself looking at 27 pictures from a day trip we took. We hit a lot of places that day.

We were based out of Den Haag (and worked in Alexander Polder in R’dam, as such it was a two train commute to get to the office. Long story behind that particular choice.) Alexander Polder is in NE R’dam and is about 6 meters below sea level.

So most of what we hit that day were accessible via train or tram. That would be most of the country, but we stuck fairly close to The Hague. We hit the Mauritshuis museum early in the AM. The famed Vermeer “Girl With a Pearl Earring” is housed there. Many Rembrandts are displayed there as well.

Interesting Area of town. Near the Palace of the House of Orange, I think.

From there we went to the beach ~ Scheveningen. It was frickin’ cold. (It was October after all). I went and stuck my feet in the North Sea. (Not my first time as I lived at one time on the northern coast of Scotland) Must have been 25,000 people up and down the beach. And every one seemed to have at least 2 dogs... WATCH OUT FOR LANDMINES! I exaggerate of course but it sure seemed that way at the time. We had breakfast at Pannekoekenhiusje right there on the beach. Biggest pancakes I’ve ever seen in my life. (and AE concurs). We did a bit of shopping

Saw the sculpture of the little boy with his finger in the dike. We must have, I have a picture! From there we took a tram to the tiny city replica at Madurodam. This was the highlight of the day trip for me. Was just wonderful! Website

That whole business trip was certainly an adventure! One of the highlights of my life! I hope to one day to return. I made friends on that trip that remain with me to this very day!


Apartment Life ~ Neighbor Shit...

My Can ~ This is Frickin’ Weird I Admit...

But anyway ~ The complex provides tall trash cans for us to put our trash in for pickup. When I pulled mine in one day last week I noticed there was a definite foreign, wet *and funky* substance in the bottom of mine. Since I bag everything without fail, I did wonder where it came from. I am a suspicious person by nature so last night as I was getting in from BW3 I noticed my neighbors can was out as well as mine. I walked down a door and looked in the can. And sure enough... A switch was performed. How do I know you ask? Well...

Inside my can

If yer gonna do a switcheroo, you might want to empty the frickin’ can. That little piece of shiny in the bottom? Is a plastic backing sheet from a protective screen cover for an iPhone 4... And guess who dropped that in there? Well, that would be me. DA NOIVE!!

The Floor Beater Downstairs

Been remarkably quiet down there. I initially thought they had told her to knock it off as the only complaint she had was from me walking around up here. Which they did, according to my guy in the Apartment office. However, I think she may have moved. When you put on the overhead light in these apartments it shines out onto the stairwell. It’s quite noticeable. And for the last 4-5 days the light has been on down there all the time. Sooooo I’m thinkin’ she’s gone... Wonder what I’ll get down there THIS TIME...


Okay ~ On a Lighter Note...

JuJu Chang on GMA has got great legs... Brings out the Dirty Old Man in me. Except I ain’t old. Heh heh heh. She did a segment about great toys... That lady is in GREAT SHAPE!
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