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That's One Deep Assed Hole!

And BIG too!

The Dermatologist cut the wart off my thumb...

Apparently since it has been with me for so long it had deep roots. The hole is about 1/4 inch across. Pretty deep and ugly too. Surprisingly enough it doesn't hurt much. If at all. YET... Supposed to pack it full of petroleum jelly and keep it covered with a band aid. Funky as it looks I don’t think I’m going to mind keeping it covered. *grins* The jelly is supposed to keep it from forming a scab. She seems to think cracking that open will cause some discomfort. Said to take extra strength Tylenol, and offered to write me a scrip for Vicodin. WTF?!?

I said, “Darlin’ I’ve had two surgeries in the last six months ~ I’ve got plenty of pain meds... But hopefully I won’t need ‘em.

She said okay but if I needed something, I should give them a call.


The original band aid fell off a little while ago. I’ve washed the area and will be covering this CRATER up very shortly. Heh. Since the airs been getting to it it does seem to sting a bit. *grins*

They deadened my thumb up pretty good before hand. At one point the doctor looked up and saw me watching as she was cutting and digging *Well she WAS* and asked me why I was watching. Told her the way it felt I didn’t mind. It could have been someone else’s thumb for all I was feeling. The only time I didn’t really look is when she used the cauterizing tool. My flesh was Smokin’! Ewwwe!


Watched “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” a while back. This week I watched “The Girl Who Played with Fire”. I liked them both despite the fact they were in Swedish. Either subtitled or dubbed. (TexasT’s rates ‘em both at 4-1/2 T’s (Was telling The Offspring about them and the fact I didn’t think the last part of the trilogy (The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest) was out yet. She said that the third was playing at River Oaks. What?! So I may need to go see it.

She asked me if I had read the books? Nooooooo. But I promptly bought ebook versions of all three. She hasn’t seen the movies or read the books either.

I just finished Dragon Tattoo. Excellent read. The film was pretty faithful. Too bad Stieg Larrsen died. I think he showed great promise.
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