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15 Floors Up + Pictures From Cube City + For Belleaire

A glimpse into the world of TexasT's!
Okay belleaire - The proof is in the pictures!
Took these with my camera phone yesterday so excuse the quality.
Left my actual camera sitting at home in my other office. And it looks a lot worse than this. But not for long!
...Actually, they ain't too bad considering...

Here we go...

My Mess at One Big Clam Plaza!

To the left:

Stage Left

On the next two, you can see some of what I like to call "My Artwork"

Center Stage leftish:


Center Stage rightish:


Now off to the right:


And this by no means denotes my political leanings*grins*

And the far right:


One more "Out da window!" From which I have been sorely tempted to throw several individuals out of! They are just lucky it doesn't OPEN! Before you get too envious, the view is (mostly) of a parking lot...

Out Da Window:


There you have it! Welcome to my corner of the world!
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