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And So...

Set a 3 pound pot roast to cooking in the crockpot this morning. First time for that particular activity. We’ll talk again in 9 or 10 hours.

The Offspring and cadona will be coming for Christmas Eve dinner. I hope this comes out all right. If not we’ll be going out for dinner somewhere, *grins* ELSE!

Pretty simple though so it should be okay.

Got it started later than I really wanted to. But hell, I over slept. Been doing that quite a bit lately. Perhaps I should try going to bed earlier. Given how much trouble I have getting to sleep lately I generally stay up till I’m about to fall out. Then read a bit annnnnnnnnnd good night. If I’m lucky. Thank the stars for Benedryl. The doctor has scared me about becoming too dependent on sleep meds.
Tags: 42, christmas 2010
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