TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So Cold and Still

Was out for a bit tonight running an errand. I really do like the colder weather when we do get some. Cold for us though is a helluva lot different that what some of you northern folk have to deal with. But to us... This is friggin’ cold. Grateful I don’t spend all day out in it. Or 3-4 months of it either.

The air is crisper and seems to be cleaner. Feels kinda good to pull it into your lungs... Yeah.

Till you pass by that water treatment plant. That smell is a lot crisper too. Eeeeewe!

Hope my friends down in the land of Oz, and their families are faring okay in the flooding down there. Y’all stay as high and dry as you can.
Tags: 42, my exciting life
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