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What's That? Oh Yeah... Silence is Golden

And that’s somewhat unusual around here. I live in a midrise apartment building adjacent to an elevated freeway.

Rain, snow and sleet were forecast for last night and today. No snow, but definitely rain and ICE. This being SE Texas, people (and government agencies apparently) do NOT know how to deal with this. TXDOT is definitely better than they used to be at this. They finally stopped using sand as an ice deterrent, Sand does NO good for traction.

The newsies are having a field day with this crap. For folk up north, I’m sure this would be somewhat of a comedy, but around here it really pretty dangerous. Still below freezing and the temperature is not likely to get too far above freezing today.

At any rate the freeway here is not shut down, but traffic has been decreased by about 95%. Hence the quiet.

Cold and quiet. I like it.

If you ain’t gotta drive anywhere around here, do yourself and everyone else a favor... DON’T.

Glad I went to the grocery store last night.

Happy to be hangin’ at home...
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